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Livestock Veterinary Services provides swine consultation services to producers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama.

Those services include routine herd visits to plan and implement herd health programs for swine producers.   These herd health programs would include:

  1. Vaccine Protocols.
  2. Medication Protocols.
  3. Serologic testing to determine health status.
  4. Routine necropsies.
  5. Environmental assessments as they relate to animal health.
  6. Disease investigations when needed to obtain a diagnosis and implement an intervention.
  7. The Veterinarians at Livestock Veterinary Services are fully accredited to do state and federal regulatory services.
  8. PQA Plus certification is also provided by both Veterinarians.
  9. Livestock Veterinary Services also provides pharmaceutical and biological products at a competitive price to customers that they serve.
  10. Production record analysis and bench marking to other producers is also a service available to customers.
  11. Livestock Veterinary Services in conjunction with Rensselaer Veterinary Services provides quarterly Webinars on current swine industry topics and newsletters to keep customers on top of what’s new in the swine industry.


Bovine (Cattle) veterinary services are also provided by Livestock Veterinary Services.  These include:

  1. Pregnancy detection by rectal palpation, ultrasound, and blood testing.
  2. Bull Breeding Soundness Exams.
  3. Pelvic measurements and reproductive tract scores on replacement heifers.
  4. Sick cow and after hours service is also available.
  5. Beef and Dairy Cow records input and analysis.
  6. Herd health vaccine and treatment protocols.
  7. Disease investigations.
  8. Health certificates and regulatory testing.
  9. Nutritional consultation and ration development.